About me

Maria Gené Gil, English, Spanish and Catalan High Quality Language Services

The translator Maria Gené Gil working at the computer

Thanks to my family background and personal, academic and professional experience, I am fully bilingual (native speaker) in Spanish (mainland Spain) and Catalan. I provide translation and editing services in both languages (for Catalan, I mainly work in the central and Balearic dialectal variations).

🎓 Academic Qualifications

  • Degree in Translation and Interpreting (specialising in scientific and technical translation from English to Spanish) from the Pompeu Fabra University.
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (specialisation: English Studies) from the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Master’s Degree in Applied Languages from the University of Lleida.
  • PhD in Languages and Applied Linguistics from the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • Specialist Legal Expert Diploma in Forensic Linguistics from the Miguel de Cervantes European University.

📜 Official Language Diplomas

  • Official certification as a sworn translator in English-Catalan and Catalan-Spanish (and vice-versa) issued by the Catalan Government after passing the corresponding certification examination.
  • C2-level English issued by the Official Language School (EOI) in Palma.
  • D-level (equivalent to C2) proficiency in Catalan issued by the Balearic Government.
  • E-level proficiency in Catalan for administrative and governmental purposes issued by the Balearic Government.

Different refresher courses on language issues in Spanish, Catalan and English, mainly aimed at language consultants, including seminars in medical translation and in transcreation.

📂 Professional Experience

I have been a professional freelancer since 2008 and provide the following language services:

  • English-Spanish, English-Catalan, Spanish-Catalan and Catalan-Spanish translations. I am experienced in a wide range of translation topics and types.
  • Sworn (certified) translation from English to Catalan and Catalan to Spanish (and vice-versa).
  • Editing and proofreading in Spanish and Catalan.
  • Language consultancy in Spanish and Catalan.

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Moreover, I teach an average of two hours of language subjects per week as a part-time associate lecturer at the University of the Balearic Islands, providing specialised knowledge-transfer from the professional sphere to academe.

I previously undertook placements at the Spanish Translation Unit in the European Parliament (Luxembourg headquarters), as well as at different translation agencies in Barcelona. I also worked as a research support specialist for terminology projects at the University Institute of Applied Linguistics at the Pompeu Fabra University.

💼 Clients

I mostly work with three types of client profiles:

  • Private corporations (translation and language services agencies, professional associations, law offices, publishers, NGOs, private foundations, airlines, transport, construction and hospitality industry firms, graphic design, advertising, marketing and creative communication agencies, etc.).
  • Public institutions and administrations (language service units at universities, research institutes, public foundations and companies, regional government departments, etc.).
  • Private individuals.

📌 Other

I have a full licence for SDL Trados Studio 2021 and am open to acquiring licences for other programs required for specific commissions.

I issue invoices with VAT and withholding tax deducted at source (where applicable) for clients (private individuals, and public or private companies) located in Spain and overseas.