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English-Spanish, Catalan-Spanish and Spanish-Catalan translation for public institutions and businesses across all sectors, professional associations, publishers, NGOs, private clients, etc.

Scales and gavel, symbols of justice: sworn translations’

Sworn (Certified) Translation

English-Catalan and Catalan-Spanish (and vice-versa) sworn translation of all types of documents requiring legal validity from a certified sworn translator holding all relevant qualifications.

Text edited in red pen: proofreading’

Editing and Proofreading

Basic typographical syntax proofreading and full style editing of all kinds of texts in Spanish and Catalan, in addition to quality assurance for texts and translations.

Woman in a videoconference: language consultancy’

Language Consultancy

Other language services in Spanish and Catalan: terminology consultancy, language queries, advice on drafting administrative, scientific and corporate texts, and producing corporate style guides, expert language appraisals (forensic linguistics), etc.

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Arrange any service directly from the comfort of your home or office, without any need to travel. You will receive the finished product by e-mail or, in certain instances, by urgent courier if you prefer.

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  • Maria Gené Gil
  • M-F (working days) in business hours
  • (+34) 605 421 698 (also WhatsApp)
  • mglingua@gmail.com
  • Palma (Majorca, Balearic Islands)
  • Complete confidentiality is assured throughout

Advice on commissioning translations or editing projects

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